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Tyler G. Burtis

Director of Investigations

Tyler G. Burtis served in a variety of law enforcement capacities for 30 years and honorably retired as a California Department of Justice, Special Agent in Charge, with management responsibilities from San Luis Obispo to the International Southern Border. Tyler worked extensively with local, state, and federal agencies. In addition to serving as a special agent, over the course of his career, he received special deputation from the FBI, US Marshals Service, and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Homicide Unit.


Tyler worked patrol, undercover, and a myriad of investigations involving sex crimes, torture, public corruption, sensitive internal investigations, cross-border violence, weapons/explosive transportation cases, fugitive apprehension, fraud, money laundering, white collar crime, organized crime, officer involved shootings, murder for financial gain, homicide, and kidnappings. He has conducted extensive covert, aerial, electronic and mobile surveillance and has interviewed and/or interrogated career criminals, international traffickers, murderers, and even local and federal law enforcement accused of wrongdoing. Tyler served as a Task Force Commander, successfully leading multi-agency task forces conducting a variety of cases and he developed the San Diego Major Crimes Team. He spent the majority of his career working as an integral team member with local, state, and federal attorneys and has been involved in administrative case global settlement discussions for millions of dollars. Based on his work and leadership, he received awards and recognition from the California Attorney General,  Chiefs of Police, the California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations, Los Angeles HIDTA, and the Directors of the FBI and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). 


Tyler received a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College of California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police held at Boston University and received a Certificate in Executive Strategic Management. Tyler taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in management, criminal law, organized crime, narcotics, and created the Leadership Theory and Practice course for the San Diego Community College District. Tyler is also a POST Certified Team Building Workshop (TBW) Facilitator for law enforcement executives.


In addition to college courses, Tyler has instructed at professional training conferences across the United States on Money Laundering, Casino Crimes, Building a Culture of Compliance, and Leadership. Tyler has served on expert panels with high level executives from the IRS, FinCEN, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Based on his expertise, Tyler was asked to present to the United States Attorney General’s Advisory Subcommittee on White Collar Fraud.




“In my prior capacity as the Coordinator of the High Intensity Financial Crimes Task Force for the Central District of California, I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Tyler Burtis for several years.  Gaming in California is a tremendous growth industry, and for law enforcement, maintaining the integrity of this industry requires a comprehensive understanding of its complex laws and regulations.  Because of the enormous amounts of money that move through the California gaming industry, it is a tempting target for money launderers and other criminals.  Tyler’s knowledge of this field was a tremendous asset to the Task Force and was a tremendous comfort to me personally since I relied on his expertise so heavily.  Additionally, Tyler’s professional relationships with gaming industry leaders and other members of the law enforcement community made Tyler an invaluable member of the Task Force.  We all considered ourselves fortunate to have worked with such a dedicated and professional law enforcement officer.”



“In my judgment, few in law enforcement have made such a positive contribution in fostering a culture of compliance within the casino industry as Mr. Burtis.  His proactive outreach to gaming operations to forge working relationships and educate them on their responsibility to detect, report and prevent money laundering has decreased the likelihood that bad actors will use casinos and card clubs to facilitate criminal activity. And Mr. Burtis did this in a manner that was respectful to the gaming industry.” 



“In my former capacity as Director of the State Attorney General’s Office of Native American Affairs, Tyler was a valued colleague as we collaborated to address a wide variety of justice issues related to gaming and public safety in California’s Indian Country. California is home to 111 federally recognized Tribes and Tyler frequently joined me in developing culturally informed strategies to ensure that Tribal Government leaders, the Attorney General, and all levels of justice agencies worked in partnership. On a personal level, he is well spoken, a skilled communicator and is respected by Tribal nations in California and across the United States.”



During my four years as a commissioner for the California Gambling Control Commission, Tyler Burtis was the best asset the California Department of Justice had in the area of gaming regulation. He was honorable, fair, and worked hard to master all of the different phases of his job. Moreover, he also went well beyond the normal expectations of the job to develop a whole array of excellent training environments, both for his team and for the industry.  Mr. Burtis was well respected by all within the industry and the regulatory environment.”



"I was fortunate enough to have worked on a team that was led by Tyler Burtis. Mr. Burtis is an expert in managing complex investigations. He held team meetings often to ensure that the team members knew and understood the importance of how each of our individual contributions were to be utilized in the investigations. Tyler illustrated the importance of an objective and furthermore, the importance of its order of operation. Especially on how the other team members would depend on our individual contributions. Tyler made the team members feel equally important, regardless of where each of us fell on the ranking hierarchy. His leadership instilled a sense of team cohesiveness and comradery that I have not often felt working within a large organization. I took comfort knowing Tyler was quarterbacking the assignment, and I have personally experienced Tyler leading our team from short-term successes to long-term mission accomplishment!"

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